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Why Christians Should Support a Conservation-Forward 2023 Farm Bill

Every five years, congress must reauthorize the U.S. Farm Bill. This bill authorizes hundreds of billions of dollars in funding for everything from crop insurance for America’s farmers to food assistance for hungry families. It also includes $6 billion in annual conservation funding to improve soil health, increase water quality, conserve wildlife habitats, and harness the power of God’s creation. The current Farm Bill expires in 2023, and Congress is already drafting a new bill.

The farm bill is especially important to Christians because it allows us to practice stewardship for God’s creation as we’ve been commanded since the beginning. The funding and programs that the Farm Bill provides allow farmers to care for their crops, steward the land, and put food on the table for people all around the world.

A man pointing to his farm

“The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” -Genesis 2:15

As Christians who are commanded to care for the Earth, we must support a conservation-forward Farm Bill. It is critical to protecting God’s creation, defending our kid’s health, and safeguarding our families, farmers, and food systems from climate-fueled disasters.

A conservation-forward Farm Bill would enable farmers and private landowners to implement and maintain sustainable farming practices leading to:

  • Improved water and soil-health

  • Locking away soil-enriching carbon

  • And more resilient farms and food systems

This new Farm Bill offers the American people a chance to recognize and support the farmers that put food on our tables. These farmers and their innovation and wisdom will lead us to a more resilient faith in life and a sustainable future. Good conservation practices like the ones implemented in the Farm Bill would naturally build soil fertility, decrease farmers' reliance on synthetic fertilizers and make our farmers and food system more resilient to global price shots and inflation - a benefit for everyone, not just the farmers.

Unfortunately, congress has made deep cuts to farm bill conservation programs in the past, limiting farmers' access to sustainable farming programs. Just last year, congress reinvested in these initiatives, and farmers have already been taking advantage of these added conservation benefits. However, these investments could potentially be rolled back. We must urge our lawmakers to uphold a conservation-forward farm bill and support farmers across the country.

Sign this petition to join thousands of Christians supporting our farmers! Then share with family and friends to spread the word!


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