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At Least 37 Dead in Kentucky Floods, Hundreds Missing

  • Flooding continues in Kentucky as 37 are declared dead and many more are missing.

Flash flooding in Kentucky has left at least 37 dead and hundreds unaccounted for. Sadly, the death toll is still expected to rise.

The flooding, which began last week, has caused mudslides and rivers and creeks to overflow. Bridges, houses and businesses have been torn and swept away. The flooding is most severe in the eastern part of the state, where there continues to be up to 2 inches of rain per hour. Forecasted storms also have the potential to cause wind damage and more power outages.

Overflowing stream in Kentucky causing floods

About 12,000 people have lost power and Governor Andy Beshear predicts the damage to roads, bridges, and other infrastructure will cost millions to fix. In immediate response to the flooding, Kentucky has purchased mobile homes and opened state parks where those impacted can take refuge.

President Biden has declared a major disaster in Kentucky, making Federal aid available to the state and local governments, as well as nonprofits.

Rescues are ongoing throughout the state, as many are still unaccounted for. Community members and rescue squads are working their hardest, around the clock, to save lives. Kentuckians are searching for their neighbors and doing all they can to support each other through the flooding.

As Hazard resident Woodrow Dunn puts it, "We're all struggling. But everybody is helping everybody, so that's one good thing, I guess."

How Christians are Helping

Lori Helfrich is the director of parish life at Mother of Good Counsel Church, located in eastern Kentucky. Helfrich and the church have been working with the local community to operate a food pantry.

“A lot of people don’t have water and electric. As community partners and churches, that’s what we’re working on — trying to connect people where we can,” Helfrich said after cutting up fresh melons to distribute from the pantry.

Folks all over Kentucky have been impacted by the flooding and as good stewards we should do our best to help. Whether it be praying for all those families or donating what we can to help, let it be known our thoughts and prayers are with those suffering through these cruel floods.

Here is a list of different causes doing the Lord’s work to help Kentucky.


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