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Christians Prioritizing Sustainability and Stewardship: Advocating for a Strong Farm Bill in 2023

“The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” —Genesis 2:15

The 2023 Farm Bill is an important piece of legislation that is passed every five years to set policy and allocate funding for agriculture and nutrition programs in the United States. The current Farm Bill, passed in 2018, expires in 2023, which means that policymakers are already beginning the process of drafting and negotiating the next bill.

Farm Bill

Good Stewards Network is following the Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN) in advocating for a Farm Bill that promotes sustainable agriculture and supports the well-being of both people and the planet. We believe the Farm Bill is an opportunity for Christians to prioritize good stewardship, support rural communities, and improve the health of all who depend on the American food system.

Key Issues:

Conservation of Natural Resources

  • A strong Farm Bill will increase funding for conservation programs that support soil health, biodiversity, and water quality to help farmers adopt practices that reduce erosion, conserve water, and promote the health of the surrounding ecosystem. By taking conservation-focused action now, we can ensure a healthy planet for generations to come.

Creation Care

  • A strong Farm Bill will support climate-smart agriculture practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These sustainable practices will help improve soil and water quality.

Uplift Rural Communities

  • A strong Farm Bill will uplift rural communities economically and promote equitable access to healthy food. This can include funding for local food systems, support for beginning farmers, and policies that incentivize the production of healthy and sustainable food. As a country, we depend on our rural communities—and we must make sure they are taken care of.

The 2023 Farm Bill is an opportunity to shape the future of agriculture in the United States. We urge policymakers to prioritize stewardship of the land, conservation of natural resources, and the well-being of all who depend on the food system. By working together to create a Farm Bill that promotes sustainability and resilience, we can build a healthier, more equitable, and more just food system for generations to come.


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